Flight training by helicopter

Pilot training for those who are interested in flying with helicopter and would like to try themselves among the clouds.


We at Rózsavölgyi Air were the first to establish an airplane & helicopter pilot training school in Szeged. 


Before you apply to any of our trainings, please make sure you have experience in flying the aircraft you choose. Try yourself as a helicopter pilot.


Our courses:  

PPL, CPL, ATPL, ME, NVFR, IFR, ICAO english stb.


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PPL - (Helicopter private pilot license)
Schweizer 300C
Flying hours
45 hours
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Helicopter Pilot Training

During the training the education of flight theory goes parallel with the practice. Both are kept at Szeged Airport.

The phases of basic pilot training:

  • Closing of the first phase: First Solo Flight
  • After 22 hours of flight training, the trainee can fly alone with the approval of the professional instructor, but is still not allowed to take passengers with him/her.


  • Medical certificate (The criteria match the requirements needed to obtain a standard driving license)
  • Theoretical home exam (held during the theoretical course)

PPL - Private Pilot License

Through gaining the PPL the applicant becomes a pilot in their own right and can take passengers with him/her. PPL is generally accepted in the EU, and in most other countries worldwide.


  • 45 hours of flight
  • successful medical, theoretical and practical exams at the Aviation Authority

We provide special discounts for further flying by airplanes and helicopters for those who acquired pilot license at Rózsavölgyi Air. Additional dicounts are available in case of bulk purchases.

NVFR (Night Visual Flight Rating)
Schweizer 300C
Flying time
5 hours
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METAR:  Sunrise: 0447LT Sunset: 2033LT