Aircraft care

Our partner – Fényespont – undertakes the full cleaning and care of interior and exterior of aircrafts by years of experience and high quality with specialized equipment and well-trained colleagues.


Ask for quote on +36 30 925 5203 or visit the following url:


Spend several pleasant hours in the city center by the car we provide for you. We invite you for a traditional Szeged fish soup and when you will return to the airport, your shining aircraft will be waiting for you. Workflow: (by aviation industrial technology) – full professional cleaning from outside – complete interior cleaning as well – all surfaces are coarsely grained polishing by machine – the total surface area is fine polishing by machine – complete surface waxing by hand – 'Quick Shine' wax treatment – plexiglas fine polishing if it is necessary – plexiglas management by water and dirt repellent layer – inner upholstery cleaning.


Total time of the work is only 3-5 hours.




METAR:  Sunrise: 0511LT Sunset: 2021LT