Aerial advertisement

Aerial photography and filming


Aerial photography and filming for customers according to their needs by aircraft and helicopter. We undertake aerial photography and filming of events, settlements, communities, buildings, landscapes and so on by airplane and helicopter.


Scattering petal and fly-sheets


Make your wedding or your friend’s wedding or engagement memorable! The "petal rain" will fall from the sky at the right time and place and make the event unforgettable.
Share your message, advertising text with the whole city! Your flyer will surely have huge attention if falling down from the sky.



Banner towing


Show your advertising, your message from the air! Many people take attention to the noise of the aircraft and if the aircraft towing a colorful banner after it makes it much more known. On request we manufacture the special banner for you and tow it on the agreed date(s) at the requested location.


METAR:  Sunrise: 0511LT Sunset: 2021LT