Adventure flight

Try yourself as a pilot!

If you enjoyed the sightseeing, but you want something more try yourself out as a pilot. After a short ground course you can try yourself out in the air supervised by a professional instructor. The total duration of the program takes approx. 1 hour. Flight time by airplane: 20 minutes; by helicopter 15 minutes.


Schedule the flight

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Meeting at the scheduled time at Szeged Airport!
(We are flying every day from winter to summer from sunrise to sunset!)


Ground preparation

A professional instructor presents the aircraft, describes the basic information, explaining the flying tasks. Duration: approx. 25-30 minutes.


The flight

Shortly after the ground preparation, you are already on the runway to take off. On the first phase of the flight, the professional instructor presents the flying maneuvers, what can be easily followed by the student pilot thanks to the multiplied flying controls. Finally, the student will be able to control the aircraft by harmony. GREAT EXPERIENCE :) !!! (Flight time by airplane: 20 minutes; by helicopter 15 minutes.)


After landing

After the student pilot passed successfully the flying tasks, together with the professional instructor evaluate what happened during the flight, and of course pictures are taken of the aircraft and the instructor.

We also offer the adventure flight as a gift for birthday, name-day, girl or bachelor party, anniversary occasion, graduation or any famous occasion. In case of gift giving, we give a printed, laminated memorial certificate to our customers

In case of special needs call us


SF 25 FALKE aircraft adventure flight (max 1 ps 20.900 HUF)

Try yourself as a pilot!

Most of the touring motor gliders used in Hungary

are the Scheibe Falke type, and the SF-25 is the most

common type among them. Maximum number of passangers 1.


Price: 20.900,- HUF


CESSNA-152 adventure flight (1 ps 24.900,- HUF)

Try yourself out as a pilot!

The C-152 is an American two-seat, fixed tricycle gear, general aviation airplane

used both for flight training and for personal use.



Price: 24.900,- HUF

Cessna-172 adventure flight (1+2 ps 42.900,- HUF)

Fly a 4 seat airplane!

Beside the 152, the 172 is the most commonly used model of CESSNA which, 

thanks to its stronger engine and bigger cabin can carry the pilot and 3 passengers.

Try your skills in the clouds, while two lucky :) friends in the back seats

share this adventure with you!


Price: 42.900,- HUF

SCHWEIZER 300C helicopter adventure flight (56.900,- HUF)

This is a really extreme experience!

Try yourself out as a helicopter pilot, exclusively at our company in Szeged.



Price: 56.900,- HUF





METAR:  Sunrise: 0511LT Sunset: 2021LT